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UV Mosquito Trap Tornado - Moztrap

UV Mosquito Trap Tornado - Moztrap

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Are you constantly worried about getting sick from mosquito bites? This device traps mosquitoes and prevents mosquito bites in any environment.
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The UV Mosquito Trap Tornado By Moztrap

Mosquitoes are everywhere and the horrors that come with it are terrifying. Ranging from Malaria and Dengue to various diseases by mosquito carriers are yet to be discovered. That’s why you should invest in a good mosquito trap for effective mosquito control.

Do UV Light Mosquitoes Traps Work?

The answer is simple: Yes, they do. Especially the Moztrap mosquito traps which have gone through a series of tests until they found the most effective solution to the bug problem. 

The UV Mosquito Trap Tornado uses ultraviolet light to attract insects near the Moztrap unit. The fan located within the unit generates a tornado that sucks the mosquitoes into the bottom of the device. To clean up, you simply remove the tray and tap the bugs out.

5 Reasons Why The UV Mosquito Trap Tornado Is The Perfect Match For Your Household

  • Noise-free

  • Beautiful Design

  • No Chemicals

  • Effective Mosquito Control

  • USB Dependent

UV Mosquito Trap Tornado Package Included:

  • 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp
  • 1 x USB Cable


Detailing The UV Mosquito Trap Tornado Features & Benefits Noise Free The UV Mosquito Trap Tornado offers UV light trapping which does not emit any sort of noise. This is perfect for people who are annoyed by the constant zapping sounds from electric mosquito trappers. All the effectiveness without the noise. Beautiful Design You can disguise it as a house ornament or even a night light. Unlike most mosquito trap designs, this is the prettiest one yet. Although looks isn’t the only feature to look forward to with this unit, it surely is a wonderful bonus. No Chemicals If you’re worried about tainting the air with unknown gasses, fear no more. This mosquito trapper assures you that it is chemical-free and shall not omit any undesired smoke. It can actually remove any odors in the air with its wind suction feature. This makes it ideal for families with babies and pregnant women. Effective Mosquito Control You can enjoy a mosquito-free environment for up to 60 square meters. No more swatting, clapping or zapping required. Buy it now and enjoy an outdoor experience like you’ve never done before. USB Dependent Want to go camping but you’re too afraid to get mosquito bites all over your body? Attach it to a laptop or a powerbank and you’re good to go. Good for both indoor and outdoor settings, you can bring it whenever and wherever you need it.
MozTrap - UV Mosquito Trap Tornado Specifications : Model: UV Mosquito Trap Tornado Product size (L x W x H): Approx. 179 x 116 x 116mm Material: ABS Plastic Color: White SKU: MT-TORNADO Brand: MozTrap

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