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SportDOG® In-Ground Contain And Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar - SDF-CTR-22

SportDOG® In-Ground Contain And Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar - SDF-CTR-22

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The SportDOG "In-Ground Contain and Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar" is compatible with SportDOG Contain and Train Dog Fence System and ideal for medium to large breeds 2 Year Warranty | Rechargeable | 800 Meters Signal Range
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SportDOG® In-Ground Contain And Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar - SDF-CTR-22

The SportDOG "In-Ground Contain and Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar" is compatible with SportDOG Contain and Train Dog Fence System and is ideal for medium to large breeds for over 10 pounds and larger. The Containment Mode expands to any number of dogs that can be contained and the Training Mode expands to 3 dogs.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and is fully waterproof and submersible with its DryTek technology to ensure your dog's safety -  intended for water-loving dogs. For best training results, the receiver collar runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

The receiver collar has the ability to secure your dog within the set boundary and be trained remotely in the field by receiving radio signals from both the Dog Fence Transmitter and Remote Transmitter. It operates on 3 different modes for the best training results.

Containment and Remote Training Mode
The receiver collar responds to both the radio signal sent from the fence transmitter and radio transmitter - letting you train your dog simultaneously while being contained.

Containment Mode
The receiver collar detects the radio signal sent through the boundary wire from the dog fence transmitter. This mode works by delivering an audible warning tone as your dog approaches the warning zone and if he ignores it, a mild static stimulation will be delivered as he goes towards the boundary line - enough to startle him and make him go back to the safe zone.

It has 7 levels of static stimulation for easy and flexible training with your dog that includes vibration and tone options. With this mode, the receiver collar will not detect the radio signal from the Remote Trainer.

Training Mode
The radio signal can be detected from the remote trainer by the receiver collar - allows you to train your dog with a maximum range of 450 metres. In this mode, you can switch between 7 levels of low/medium stimulation and train your dog with tone and vibration modes.

The receiver collar will not detect any radio signal from the Dog Fence Transmitter if this mode is activated.

The SportDOG Contain and Train Add-A-Dog Receiver Collar also features an anti-linger that saves its battery life and a low-battery indicator. It flashes every 4-5 seconds if it needs to be recharged.

Key Features:

  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

  • Waterproof for Added Durability

  • 7 Levels of Stimulation with Low and Medium Mode

  • Vibration and Tone-Only Mode

  • Best for Medium to Large, Stubborn Dogs

  • Anti-Linger to Save Battery Life

  • Uses Replaceable Lithium-Ion Batteries

What Comes In The SportDOG Contain And Train Dog Fence Kit?

  • SportDOG SDF-CTR-22 Receiver Collar

  • Owner’s Manual


2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The transmitters and the receiver collar are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years!

Best For Medium To Large, Stubborn Dogs From 10 Pounds And Up

The SportDOG Contain And Train Dog Fence System is best for medium to large, stubborn dogs inside your property.

7 Levels Of Stimulation With Low And Medium Mode

The receiver collar features 7 programmable levels of static stimulation that can be adjusted to low or medium mode - for flexible training.

Vibration And Tone Mode

The device features a vibration stimulation that can last up to 10 seconds then will have a '5 seconds time-out' period before it can deliver another stimulation. While the tone mode delivers a rapid beeping tone - just enough to get your dog's attention.

Waterproof For Added Security

The receiver collar is best for water-loving dogs is designed to prevent any internal damage caused by water ensuring their safety.

Lightning And Surge Protection

The SportDOG Contain And Train Dog Fence transmitter have built-in protection features against lightning and power surges that also protect your power plug from power spikes. 

Area Coverage Of Up To 100 Acres (1 Acre = 300m Of Wire – 300m Included)

The SportDOG Containment Dog Fence System is great for larger properties and can be safely and effectively contained inside your property.

Wire Break Alarm

To ensure your dog's safety, this will activate and notify you once a wire has been broken or possibly damage.

Anti-Linger To Save Battery 

The receiver collar will increase its level of static stimulation once your dog lingers in the warning zone for a long time. This will remind him to move back to the safe zone.

Replaceable Lithium-Ion Battery 

The receiver collar uses a replaceable and lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in 2 hours and can last up to 50-70 hours.

SportDOG SDF-CTR-22 Extra Receiver Collar Details

Waterproof SportDOG Receiver Collar For Water Activities

The "SportDog Extra Dog Fence" and "Remote Receiver Collar" are built using DryTek Technology that would allow your dog to play and be trained in water either inside the boundary or at the field or at the beach. Because it can be submerged in water of a 3 meters depth.

Designed for Medium to Large Stubborn Breeds

This receiver collar is best suited for dogs from 4.5 kilos and above. Your large stubborn dogs will be kept inside the boundaries you set and will obey your commands.

3 Operational Modes To Select From

You can set the receiver collars on either of these 3 operating modes

  1. Contain Only Mode: Best when letting your dogs keep watching your property boundary. Night or Day, Rain or Shine.

  2. Training Only Mode: the Best mode for one on one training sessions either indoors or outdoors.

  3. Contain And Train Mode: Best when you want to train your dog inside the boundary area you have set and avoid escape.

3 Instant Selection Settings of Stimulation Levels

4 options static levels setting of Low, Medium, and High Level that gives you enough flexibility to choose the perfect level of your dog’s temperament.

Tone & Vibration Modes – Best To Use During Training Sessions

When training, you can use the tone and vibration modes or when your dog has learned how to respect the boundary and obey your commands that will require no static stimulation anymore.

Anti-Linger – Saves Battery Life

It saves the battery energy by automatically shutting down for a certain amount of time whenever your dog is inside the warning zone listening to the audible warning tone.

Powered by Durable Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The SDF-CTR-22 receiver collar delivers safe static stimulation and is equipped with a Durable long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be replaced whenever necessary.

Low Battery Indicator

Red light indicator ensures that you will know that the battery needs to be charged or quick replaced with a backup battery.

2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

The SportDog Dog Fence and Remote Extra Receiver Collar are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Model: SDF-CTR-22 Correction Modes: Tone, Vibration and Static Activation Mode: Radio Signal From Dog Fence Transmitter and Remote Training Transmitter Correction Levels: 7 Static Stimulation Waterproof: Yes Dog Size: 4.5kgs and Up Strap Size: Standard Size Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Receiver Collar Weight With Strap: 175 grams Receiver Collar Dimensions: 8.7 cm L X 3.6 cm W X 4.1 cm H SKU: DFSD-RCVR-SDF-CTR22

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