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Soft Contact Probes Remote Training Collar Kit

Soft Contact Probes Remote Training Collar Kit

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The Remote Trainer is ideal for dogs that weigh over 3.6kg and features an instant switch between 1 - 99 Levels of stimulation 1 year Warranty | Signal Range of 502m | Quick Charging Li-ion Batteries
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Remote Dog Training system that can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 dog receiver collars in one hand-held remote control that uses advanced technology to train your dog in correcting bad behaviours and training dogs with new tricks that weigh 3.6kg or larger - It also uses rubber-coated probes for soft contact that makes it safer and comfortable to the dogs.

The kit is consists of a remote handheld transmitter and dog receiver collar as its main components. For the system to work, the receiver collars are activated through a radio signal that is sent from the remote transmitter - delivering a 550 yard or 502 meters of distance.

The remote trainer comes with a 1-year warranty, is fully waterproof receiver collar. Both the remote control and receiver collars only require a 2-hour charge with its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can last 50-70 hours per charge.

The Remote Transmitter is best used for short-range communication up to 502 m signal range. It can also expand up to 3 dogs with additional receiver collars.

The maximum range may still vary on how you hold it, the weather, the terrain as well as transmission from other radio devices. For best and consistent results, hold the remote transmitter in a vertical position away from your body and above your head.

The remote training kit also includes the Receiver Collar uses non - metallic conductive contact points  (avoid skin irritation) which delivers Static, Vibration or Tone stimulation as it receives the signal from the transmitter. The device allows you to switch instantly in between 1 - 99 levels of Static or Vibration correction for 10 seconds as maximum each depending on your dog's temperament.

This reliable system can be used in any training situation - great for dogs with mild to medium temperaments.

Key Features:

  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for Both Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collars

  • Best Suited for Dogs Weighing over 3.6kgs

  • Water-resistant Receiver Collar & Weatherproof Remote Transmitter

  • 99 Levels of Static or Vibration Correction

  • Vibration-Only Mode

  • Tone-Only Mode

  • Signal Range of Up to 502m

  • Quick Charge (2 Hrs) Lithium-ion Batteries - Lasts 50-70 Hours Per Charge

What Comes In The Remote Dog Trainer Kit?

  • 1 x Remote Dog Training Receiver Collar (can add extra collars)

  • Remote Dog TrainingTransmitter

  • Adjustable Collar Strap

  • Test Light Tool

  • Non-Metal Contact Probes to Suit your Dog 

  • Battery Charger

  • Lanyard

  • Owner’s Manual

  • Step by Step Training Guide

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty For Both Transmitter And Receiver Collars

The Remote Dog Trainer – (both the remote transmitter and the receiver collar) is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year!

Designed For Small To Extra Large Dogs

The Remote Training Collar is ideal for small to large dogs weighing over 3.6kg.

99 Levels Of Static And Vibration Stimulation

The receiver collar has 99 static stimulation with low and medium options for flexible stimulation ranges and temperament of your dog.

Vibration-Only Mode

The device features a vibration stimulation that can last up to 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the Remote Transmitter will have 5 seconds 'time-out' period before you can deliver another vibration stimulation.

Tone-Only Mode

Once the Tone button is pressed, the receiver collar delivers a rapid beeping tone - enough to get your dog's attention.

Waterproof Protection For Heavy Use

The Remote Training  Receiver Collar can be submersible and fully waterproof which ensures protection from water damage. But, the remote control transmitter must be kept away from water.

Mid-Range Remote Trainer – Up To 502m Away

The device provides a short-range capability of up to 502 metres.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries – 2 Hr Quick Charge Feature

Both the Collar and Remote features a 2-hour quick charge with its Lithium-ion batteries that can last up to 50-70 hours of normal use.


More Details About The Remote Dog Training System Features 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage By The Manufacturer. The Remote Dog Training System is covered from any factory defects up to 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. 99 Levels Of Static Or Vibration Correction – PLUS Tone The kit features 99 levels of static stimulations which can easily be switched using a button. That kind of flexibility will allow you to optimally train your dog to its full potential. The kit also includes a Tone Only or a Vibration Only stimulation mode. Best for dogs that have been fully trained and don’t need static stimulation anymore. Designed For Small To Extra Large Dogs The Receiver Collar is designed for small to a large dog weighing at least 3.6kg for convenience. Mid-Range Remote Trainer – Up To 502 Meters Away Best for training dogs outside like at the beach or in the park because it reaches up to 502 m away. Li-Ion Batteries – 2 Hr Quick Charge Features Both the receiver and remote trainer batteries has 2-hour quick charge feature, powered by state of the art Lithium-Ion batteries that gives you more time to train. You can charge the kit using one charge at the same time with its two-way charging cable. Water Resistant - Receiver Collar Whether at the beach or if it rains while training your dog, the receiver collar is water resistant from water damage in few minutes being submerged. Choice Of 1 Or 2 Or 3 Dog Systems You have the choice from 1 to 3 dogs support at the same time and vice versa only takes a few button presses and dial rotations.
Remote Dog Training Collar Warranty : The Remote Trainer is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year! Dog Training Collar Guarantee : All products offered by The Perfect Paws have 14 Days Upgrade Guarantee for your satisfaction.
Model: REM 919 Correction Modes: Static, Vibration & Sound Activation Mode: Remote Activated Correction Levels: 99 Static Levels of Static and Vibration Correction + Tone Only Waterproof & Shockproof: Yes Dog Size: 3.6kg and up Receiver Dimensions: 50.8mm x 38.1mm x 27.9mm Receiver Weight: 68g Strap Size: 19mm x 76.2cm Remote Transmitter Dimensions: 101.6mm x 45.72mm x 31.75 Remote Transmitter Weight: 119g SKU: PP-REM-919-KIT

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