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PetSafe Deluxe Adjustable In-Ground Dog Fence – PIG19-15394

PetSafe Deluxe Adjustable In-Ground Dog Fence – PIG19-15394

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The PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the most affordable yet effective dog fences - best for small to large dogs. It keeps your dog safe and secure inside your property. 3 Year Warranty | 4 Programmable Levels | Lightweight
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The Standard Dog Fence Kit could be an entry level kit with its simple and cheaper still reliable and safe in containing your dogs. Designed to contain small to large dogs with fair temperament and not recommended for the stubborn and more determined dogs

The kit comes complete with everything you need with its 3 main components - transmitter, boundary wire, and receiver collar. To complete the setup, the dog fence wire runs from the transmitter, creates a loop around your property, then back to the transmitter again.

The PetSafe Standard Dog Fence Transmitter is powered by a standard 120-volt outlet. It is equipped with a wire break alarm system that activates and notifies you once a boundary wire has been broken - ensuring your dog's safety before he escapes from your property.

The transmitter is also equipped with a signal adjuster so you can easily select the distance of the signal coming from the wire and improve your dog’s security by increasing the radio signal your dog receiver collar can detect.

The PetSafe dog fence kit includes the PUL-275 Receiver Collar with 4 programmable levels for easy training. For added security, it is completely waterproof and uses the RFA-67 Battery

The receiver collar has the ability to give your dog a warning via a beeping tone when he goes near the boundary. Plus, it includes 4 programmable mild static corrections - enough to deter your dog from escaping.

Both transmitter and receiver collar comes with a 3 year warranty.

A solid, burial-grade 150m boundary wire is also included in the kit. It can be expanded up to 10 acres or a total of 1,300  of dog fence wire - with additional boundary wires.

The kit includes an Easy Installation Guide and Step-by-Step Training Guide to aid you in installing the system and guide you in training your dog. You can contact us at 1 300 559 145 with our 7-day helpline to provide support when you need help.

Note: The PetSafe Lightning Protection Kit (LP-4100-1) can be purchased separately by calling us at 1 300 559 145. The kit protects your dog fence system from power surges that are usually caused by lightning strikes.

Compatible With The Following Extra Receiver Collars:

Key Features:

  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for Both Transmitter and Receiver Collar

  • Best For Small to Large Dogs Weighing up to 34kgs with Fair Temperament

  • 4 Correction Levels in the Receiver Collar for Easy Training

  • Water Proof PetSafe Dog Fence Collar for Added Security

  • Lightweight & Compact Receiver Collar for your Dog’s Comfort

  • Adjustable Signal Range of the Transmitter for a Larger Coverage

  • Boundary Coverage of up to 10 Acres (1 Acre = 350m of Wire – 150m Included)

  • Wire Break Alarm to Inform you of a Broken System

  • PetSafe Receiver Collar Uses Replaceable PetSafe Battery (RFA-67)

What Comes In The PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence Kit?

  • PetSafe In-Ground Standard Dog Fence Transmitter

  • PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Standard Receiver Collar (PUL-275)

  • PetSafe RFA-67 Battery

  • 150m of PetSafe Dog Fence Wire

  • 50 Training Flags

  • Owner’s Manual

  • Installation Guide

  • Step by Step Training Guide 

3 PetSafe Warranty

The PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence – PRF-3004W (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years!

Best For Small To Large Dogs Weighing Up To 34kgs

The kit is designed to contain small to large dogs with fair temperament. It is not recommended to use in certain situations such as containing stubborn and more determined dogs.

4 Correction Levels - Includes A Tone-Only Mode

The receiver collar helps to contain your dog by delivering a warning beep when he approaches the boundary. If he goes further towards the wire, the receiver collar delivers a safe static stimulation - encouraging him to go back to the safe zone.

Water Proof For More Security

This was made waterproof to prevent internal damage caused by into the circuitry - intended for water-loving dogs.

Lightweight And Compact For Your Dog's Comfort

Designed to be one of the lightest and smallest pet fence collars available in the market - a great fit for small pets.

Adjustable Signal Range - Larger Coverage

The transmitter is equipped with a signal adjuster so you can easily select the distance of the signal coming from the wire and improve your dog’s security by increasing the radio signal your dog receiver collar can detect.

Boundary Coverage Of Up To 10 Acres (1 Acre = 350m Of Wire – 150m Included)

The transmitter can cover up to 10 acres (1 Acre = 350m of Wire – 150m Included). Additional wires can be added to expand the boundary.

Wire Break Alarm

This will activate and notifies you once the boundary wire has been broken. This ensures your dog's safety and secures him before he goes beyond your property.

Replaceable PetSafe Battery (RFA-67)

This collar uses a replaceable PetSafe RFA-67 Battery. Replacing the battery is easy and is detailed in the Owner’s Manual. 


PetSafe Standard In-Ground Dog Fence Specifications Model: PRF-3004W Correction Method: Static Levels of Simulation: 4 Battery: PetSafe RFA-67 Waterproof: Yes Maximum Collar Size: 71 cm Collar Weight: 71 g Collar Material: Nylon Low Battery Indicator: Yes Maximum Yard Size: 10 Acres Additional Collar: PUL-275 Wire indicator: Sound & Visual SKU: PIG19-15394

Customer Reviews

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Kim Pascoe

working really well. exceeded my expectations. even after collar removal the dogs dont test the boundaries. i just put the collars on about one day in seven to remind them .

Works Brilliantly

Works brilliantly on a rural property with farm fences. I have 2 terriers. Took me a bit over a week to train them, it’s definitely worth the investment of a few hours to ensure they learn and respect the boundaries.