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PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042

PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042

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The PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Extra Collar has been proven safe and effective - ideal for small breeds. It also features Run Through Prevention which ensures efficiency. 3 Year Warranty | 4 Static Correction Levels | Waterproof
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The Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence™ Receiver Collar is the smallest receiver collar offered by PetSafe. This is designed to be compact and lightweight that is suitable for all pets five pounds and up. 

The receiver collar has reflective safety strips woven into it and can fit neck sizes from 6 - 16 inches. It comes with a 3-year warranty, it is fully waterproof and runs on a long-lasting RFA-188 Battery.

It features 4 adjustable levels of static correction that includes a tone-only mode to alert your dog with a warning beep whenever he tries to go near the boundary wire. Also, the receiver collar also has the Run Through Prevention feature which increases the static stimulation as your dog goes beyond the warning zone and into the boundary or correction zone.

The receiver collar delivers a warning beep as he approaches the boundary. If he goes further towards the wire, the receiver collar delivers a safe but startling static stimulation - this will remind your dog to go back to the safe zone.

Compatible with all PetSafe In-Ground Fences and can be a replacement to our PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence System™.

Compatible With The Following In-Ground Dog Fences:

Key Features

  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Waterproof - Fully Durable

  • 4 Adjustable Levels of Static Stimulation - Including a Tone-Only Mode

  • Best for Small Dogs - Weighing 5 Pounds and Up

  • Small & Lightweight

  • Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap - Comfortable for Your Pet

  • Uses Replaceable & Long-Lasting PetSafe RFA-188 (included)

What Comes In The PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe Extra Receiver Collar?

  • PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042

  • PetSafe RFA-188 Replaceable Battery

  • Adjustable Collar Strap

  • Owner’s Manual


3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042 is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years!

Waterproof For Added Durability

The Little Dog Deluxe Receiver Collar is ideal for water-loving dogs - the waterproof design helps prevent any internal damage caused by water, especially during knocks and tumble on your dog's water bowl. 

4 Adjustable Levels Of Static Stimulation - Including A Tone-Only Mode

This receiver collar has 4 adjustable static correction levels plus a tone-only mode. The 4 correction levels are totally harmless and safe enough to get your dog's attention to make him stay inside the containment area you have established.

Best For Small Dogs Weighing 5 Pounds And Up

The receiver collar is designed to contain small dogs from 5 pounds and up with fair temperament. It is not recommended to use in certain situations such as containing stubborn and more determined dogs.

Small & Lightweight - Perfect For Your Little Dog!

The receiver collar is lightweight, small and compact - this provides the comfort your dog deserves as he wears the collar. 

Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap - Comfortable For Your Pet

The nylon collar strap that is included in the receiver is fully adjustable - this is to ensure a comfortable and snug fit on your dog’s neck.

Uses Replaceable Petsafe RFA-188 Lithium Battery

The replaceable and long-lasting PetSafe RFA-188 lithium battery helps waterproof the collar, and it is very easy to replace.


PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042 Warranty: The PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Add-A-Dog PIG19-11042 is covered by the manufacturer's warranty for 3 years!
PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar Specifications : Model: PIG19-11042 Correction Method: Static Levels of Simulation: 4 Battery: PetSafe RFA-188 Waterproof: Yes Collar Material: Nylon Low Battery Indicator: Yes Suitable Dog Size: 5 Pounds and Up SKU : PIG19-11042

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