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Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - PET850

Petrainer Anti Bark Collar - PET850

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The Petrainer Bark Control Collar has 6 levels of static correction. 6 Adjustable Levels | Rechargeable | Small & Lightweight | Rainproof
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The Petrainer Bark Control is rainproof and has a rechargeable battery that lets you always be on the go with your dog...

How Does The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar Work?

The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar has 6 adjustable levels for vibration and sensitivity so you can set them accordingly based on your dog’s personality.

It is activated by the vibration from the dog's barking - so your dog is safe from over-correction while effectively controlling the nuisance barking.

Petrainer Anti Bark Collar Features:

  • 1 Vibration Level for Easy Bark Control

  • 6 Static Levels for Easy Bark Control

  • Vibration activated only  for Your Dog’s Protection

  • Rechargeable

  • Rainproof

  • High Quality and Adjustable Nylon Strap

  • Small and Lightweight

What’s In The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar Box?

  • Rechargeable Petrainer Anti Bark Collar

  • Small Contact Points (for short-coated dogs)

  • Large Contact Points (for long-coated dogs)

  • USB Charger Cable

  • Test Bulb

  • Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap

  • Owner’s Guide


In-Depth Features Of Petrainer Anti Bark Collar... 1 Vibration Level For Easy Bark Control With Petrainer Anti Bark Collar, you can make the bark control period easy for you and your dog by adjusting the vibration stimulation to proven to increase the nuisance bark control effectivity up to 95%. 6 Static Correction Levels To Match Your Dog’s Personality The correction level will help your dog’s tolerance to static stimulation - this feature of the Petrainer Anti Bark Collar has been proven to control your dog's nuisance barking. Rechargeable The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar’s capability to be charged is just awesome; it has a quick-charging technology but the battery can still last up to 12 hours! This gives you ease on your on-the-go lifestyle with your dog. Splash And Rain Proof Bark Collar The Petrainer bark collar is splashproof and not waterproof. It cannot be submerged in water. High Quality And Adjustable Nylon Strap The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar comes with a high quality and adjustable Nylon collar strap that will fit from small to large sized dogs with neck sizes of 5 to 24 inches (12.7cm to 60.96cm). Small And Lightweight The Petrainer Anti Bark Collar is designed to be small and lightweight which is best for dogs weighing from 2 to 60 kgs. This bark control collar ensures durability and comfort.
Bark Collar For Training Dogs Guarantee : All products offered by The Perfect Paws have 14 Days Trial or Trade Guarantee for your satisfaction.
Petrainer Anti Bark Collar Specifications : Model: PET850 Stimulation Mode/s: 1 Vibration and 6 Static levels Activation Mode/s: Vibration Only Correction Levels: 6 Waterproof: No - Rainproof only Dog Size: 3.6kgs and up Battery: Rechargeable Dimension of Module: N/A Strap Size: 70cm Maximum Bark Collar Weight: N/A SKU: BC-E-PP-Petrainer

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