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PBC-10 Comfort Bark Control Collar

PBC-10 Comfort Bark Control Collar

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The Dog Bark Control Collar has a safety feature and sensitivity button to match with your dog's personality Rotational Correction | 9 Sensitivity & Correction levels | Rechargeable Battery
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This No Barking Dog Bark Control Collar uses a sound sensor to activate the collar. By adjusting the level of sound sensitivity, it will appropriately give correction like the tone, vibration and static correction to stop a dog's barking.

Are you tired of getting complaints from your neighbours or visits from the shire? It’s time to control your dog’s nuisance barking with this newest Barking Dog Control Collar!

How Does The Barking Dog Control Collar Work?

When you get this product for the first time, you will need to know the volume of dog and product identification system. Because each dog has different voice volume, you need to adjust the sensitivity through the S button (Sensitivity level starts from 1 as the weakest to 9 which is the strongest). Find the sensitivity level that is suitable for triggering the operation of the anti bark collar.

Then set the level of the Vibration and Static corrections. There are 9 levels you can select that is most suitable to your dogs. You can easily adjust the levels of Vibration correction by pressing the Vibration button (SSS) and the Static correction button. It is recommended to place the Static correction at 0 for the first time. Most dogs can stop the current barking behaviour by just sound and vibration correction.

Barking Dog Control Collar Features:

  • 9 Sound Sensitivity Levels

  • 3 Modes of Correction (SOUND, VIBRATION and STATIC)

  • 9 Levels of Vibration and Static Correction

  • Safe Mode - Prevent Over Correcting your dog

  • Soft Rubber Contact Posts - For Convenience of your dog
  • Rechargeable  Battery

  • Extra Long Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap

What’s In The Anti Barking Dog Collar Box?

  • 1 x Dog Bark Control Collar

  • 1 x Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap

  • 1 x Testing LED Light

  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

  • Soft Contact points to suit your dog


In-Depth Features Of The Dog Bark Control Collar ... 9 Sensitivity Levels This bark collar uses the Sound Sensor to activate the correction or stimulation. Depends on the volume of your dog's voice, you can adjust to the level of sensitivity to get the appropriate correction. With 9 levels of sensitivity that you can select from by pressing the Sensor Button (S). 3 Modes Of Correction - Round Sequence This new dog bark control collar works 7 times per round. The first time in each round is Beep (the sound is the default setting) the second is Beep + Vibration. After the third time, it will be Beep + Vibration + Static. Vibrations and Electric shocks will work according to the level you selected (if you set the vibration or static at 0, this command will not appear) After the first Beep, or after the second beep + vibration, the dog will stop barking and will develop good habits gradually and avoid unnecessary correction. Auto Safe Mode - Prevent Over Correcting Your Dog This bark control collar also has a Safety Feature to prevent overcorrection. When a work round is over, it will go into safe mode. Will be in safe mode for a minute to avoid any chance of outside sound triggering, resulting in unnecessary punishment. After stopping for a minute, it will resume working mode again. Extra Long Adjustable Collar Strap The Anti Barking Dog Collar comes with an extra-long adjustable collar strap so it is perfect for small, medium and large-sized dogs. This bark control collar ensures a perfect fit for all dog sizes and breeds. Rechargeable Quick Charge Battery This bark collar uses a rechargeable 300mA battery, that usually lasts for 5 days for 3 hours of charging. Please do not use a charger larger than 1A current.
Bark Collar For Barking Dogs Guarantee : All products offered by The Perfect Paws have 14 Days Trial or Trade Guarantee for your satisfaction.
Bark Collar For Training Dogs Specifications : Model: Dog Bark Control Collar Stimulation Mode/s: Tone, Vibration, Static and Combination Activation Mode/s: Sound Stimulation Levels: 3 Correction Modes Waterproof: No Dog Size: 3.6kgs and up Battery: 300mA Rechargeable Battery Dimension of Module: N/A Strap Size: N/A Bark Collar Weight: N/A SKU : PP-BC-10

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