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HandHeld Ultrasonic Shell For Bark Control And Dog Training

HandHeld Ultrasonic Shell For Bark Control And Dog Training

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The Shell Portable Ultrasonic Device is weatherproof & emits a harmless ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear to stop barking dogs next door Shell Design | Portable | Rechargeable | Weatherproof
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Shell Portable Ultrasonic Bark Control And Dog Training Device

This very cute shell designed bark control and dog training ultraonic device emits sonic sound that is harmless both to animals and human ears. The sound emitted is just high enough for dogs to desrupt their barking or unwanted behaviours. It is very light and portable so you can bring it anywhere everywhere. Fully recharble just by using charging cord. A must have to use against raging stray dogs.

Reasons To Get The Portable Ultrasonic Anti Bark Device

  • 5 Meters Ultrasonic Correction

  • All Weatherproof - Designed to Last Long Outdoors

  • Fully Rechargeable

  • No Need for Bark Collars

  • User Operated Device

  • Discreet & Cute Design

What’s In The Shell Portable Ultrasonic Bark Collar And Training Device?

  • Shell Ultrasonic Outdoor Anti Bark House Unit

  • Charger Cable

  • Sling
  • Clicker


In-Depth Features Of The Handheld Portable Ultrasonic Bark Control And Training Device Weatherproof - Designed To Last Long Outdoors The Shell Portable Ultrasonic Bark Control is made to withstand the strong Australian sun, cold rains and harsh snow. So, you can use it anytime and anywhere. No Need For Bark Collars This is the best alternative for a stop dog barking device if you don’t like to have your dog wear some “shock” collars. Just press the button to activate the sonic sound when your dog starts to bark or digging the garden bed or even to stray dogs that is trying to attack you. Discreet & Fancy Design This shell designed anti dog barking device is a great to use when outside. Very small and cute that you can even put it on your bag as a key chain. Safe & Effective Ultrasonic Sound Deterrent This the best outdoor bark deterrent because it uses a harmless and very effective ultrasonic sound (inaudible to human ears) to distract a dog from unnecessary excessive barking. 5 Metres Are Coverage This is such a large coverage for an outdoor anti barking device - it can deter from 5m far and the ultrasonic sound. Great deterrent for that yapping stray dogs. Rechargeable Battery The Shell Portable Ultrasonic Bark Control is powered by rechargeable batteries. Battery Life Indicator The LED battery life indicator is one of the greatest convenient features this Shell Ultrasonic Bark Contro offers. One glance at the indicator saves you time and energy from having to deal with nuisance barking again. The Red Light flashes when the emit button is pressed telling you that the battery is running low and need to recharge soon.
Bark Control Devices For Training Dogs Guarantee : All products offered by The Perfect Paws have14 Day Trial Guarantee for your satisfaction.
Model: Shell-BC Correction Modes: Ultrasonic Activation Mode: Manual Correction Levels: 1 Weatherproof: Yes Dog Size: Any External Controls: Yes Battery: Rechargeable Battery Status Indicator: Yes Progressive Correction: No SKU : BC-SONIC-SHELL

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