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ET-300 Mini Educator Remote Trainer

ET-300 Mini Educator Remote Trainer

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The most advance feature remote dog training collar that has 100 levels of blunt control stimulation. READY TO SHIP | 2 year Warranty | Signal Range of up to 800m | 100 levels of Blunt Stimulation | Quick Charging
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Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Trainer

The 800m Remote Dog Training collar is designed for dogs weighing 2.2kg where its Remote Hand Held Transmitter and Receiver Collar fully waterproof and submersible to water. The remote transmitter  has 2 quick charge -poly batteries and it floats to avoid damage.

The Mini Educator Remote Trainer has a lock and set feature that prevents accidental adjustments of the level where you can set the to suit your dog’s personality and temperament.

A Vibration only mode makes the dog familiar with the system and if the dogs are fully trained then it doesn't need stimulation anymore.

The Educator Mini Dog Training Collar is available in 1 or 2 dog kits with LCD screen display, an boost a lost transmitter beeper and night lights controlled by the remote hand held transmitter.

What Makes The Mini Educator ET-300 Mini A Good Choice?

  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  •  Signal Range Of Up To 800m

  •  Fully Waterproof And Submersible Collar And Remote

  •  Floating Hand Held Remote Transmitter

  •  2 Hour Quick Charge Batteries – Li-Polymer

  • Best For Dogs Weighing 2.2kgs And Up

  • 100 Levels Of Blunt Stimulation

  •  Lock & Set Mode For Safety

  • Vibration Only Mode

  • Adjustable Extra Boost Stim

  • LCD Display For Precision Control

  • Remote Controlled Tracking Night Light

  • Lost Transmitter Beeper

  • Available In 1 And 2 Dog Kits


What Comes In The Mini Educator ET-300 Box?

  • Educator ET-300 Mini Transmitter

  • Educator ET-300 Mini Receiver Collar

  • Li-Poly Battery Charger

  • Contact Posts To Suit Your Dog

  • Contact Post Removal Tool

  • Test Light

  • Lanyard

  • Owner’s Manual


Features Of The Educator ET-300 Mini

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Educator ET-300 Remote trainer has 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Up to 800m Signal Range for Long Distance Training

The ET-300 mini remote trainer is best and great for training domestic and working dogs in parks and open fields up to 800m long distance signal range.


Completely Waterproof and Submersible Receiver and Remote

The Receiver collar and remote transmitter are fully waterproof where it is water to protect its internal components from water damage.


Remote Hand Held Transmitter Floats on Water

The remote hand held transmitter floats on its on when its drop the water to avoid losing it


State of the Art Lithium Polymer Batteries with 2 Quick Charge

The Educator ET-300 Mini uses a state of art Lithium Polymer Batteries that can be quick charge for 2 hours which give you more time of training.


Best Suited for Dogs weighing at least 2.2kgs

The The Educator ET-300 Remote Trainer  is built for small dogs weighing at least 2.2kgs up to extra-large sized dogs.


100 Levels of Blunt Static Stimulation – Control of Stimulation

Its Control of stimulation provides 100 levels of blunt static stimulation.


Lock & Set Mode Safety Feature

The lock and set mode safety feature of this remote trainer prevents excessive stimulations of the dog which is accidentally adjusted by the remote trainer.


Vibration Only Mode for Training

A Vibration only mode makes the dog familiar with the system training, and if the dogs are fully trained then it doesn't need a static stimulation anymore.


Adjustable Extra Boost Stimulation Button

The Educator ET-300 Mini has an boost stimulation button where we can set higher level than the normal stimulation and can be used as a quick distraction.


LCD Display with Blue Backlight for Easy Control & Night Use

It has an LCD Display with a blue backlight for the night use and to ensure that your batteries are fully charged that allows you to easily set your levels for your training.


Night Tracking Light – Remote Controlled

The Night Tracking Light is controlled by the remote transmitter to track your dog from while training the dark which you can flash the light or keep it on from a distance.


Misplaced Hand Held Transmitter Beeper

You can remotely activate the beeper equipped with this device transmitter if you misplaced the handheld remote transmitter. This is a convenient feature if you have a fairly large property with lots of equipment all around.


Available in One or Two Dog Kits

The Educator ET-300 Mini is available in one or two dog kits where both receiver collars can have separate levels depending on your dogs’ temperaments.


Educator ET300 Warranty The Educator ET300 Mini Remote Trainer by the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years!
Model: ET-300 Mini Correction Modes: Static & Vibration Activation Mode: Remote Activated Correction Levels: 100 Static Levels & Vibration Only Mode Waterproof: Yes Dog Size: 2.2kg and up Receiver Dimensions: 50.8mm x 38.1mm x 27.9mm Receiver Weight: 68g Strap Size: 19mm x 76.2cm Remote Transmitter Dimensions: 67mm Diameter, 32.8mm Thick Remote Transmitter Weight: 96.4g SKU: REM-EDU-ET300 Brand: Educator

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