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Educator Remote Dog Trainer EZ900

Educator Remote Dog Trainer EZ900

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Educator EZ900 Remote Trainer is a state of the art remote dog training collar that has 100 levels of stimulation in 5 modes and 7 vibration modes READY TO SHIP | 2-year Warranty | Fully Waterproof Remote
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The Easy Educator EZ-900 is an innovative remote training system loaded with unique features but still very easy to use for dogs weighing 5 pounds or even up to 150 pounds. It offers a first-rate computer interface device that makes it easier to customize the e-collar by simply downloading the free tool.

The EZ-900 by E-Collar Technologies is consists of a remote transmitter and a receiver collar as its main components. It has a signal range of 800m or 1/2 miles for easy training and expandable to a 2 dog system with the additional receiver collars.

It comes with a 2 year warranty, is completely waterproof and shock resistant. Both remote transmitter and receiver collar a 2-hour charge with its Lithium-Polymer batteries using the dual charger included in the kit or any micro USB charger.

The Easy Educator EZ-900 remote transmitter is small-sized but designed for easy operation and convenience. It has a tracking light that controls the flash in the receiver collar for locating your dog after dark and a beeper on it to help locate it if it is misplaced or lost.

The remote transmitter also features a 'Lock and Set' Stimulation to ensure safety from accidental . It also has a boost feature to provide boosted stimulation levels from 1-60.

The training kit also includes the EZ-900 receiver collar that receives the signal from the remote transmitter and can deliver adjustable stimulation levels from 0 - 100 with its COS (Control of Stimulation) Technology.

It features 5 stimulation modes, 7 vibration levels and 4 types of tone with volume control - perfect for a unique training experience. With its available features, it is ideal for small dogs with fair temperament, sensitive large dogs, stubborn or hard to train breeds or even dogs with hearing impairment.

This modern designed remote training system is very reliable with its impressive features - great for any situation that requires control and pressure.

Key Features:

  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for Both Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar

  • Best Suited for Dogs Weighing over 2.3kgs

  • 100 Levels of Stimulation COS (Control of Stimulation) Technology

  • 5 Stimulation Modes for Flexibility

  • 7 Vibration Modes for Easy Training

  • 4 Audible Tone Settings

  • Lock and Set and Maximum Stimulation Feature for Safety

  • Waterproof and Shock Resistant Receiver Collar and Remote Transmitter

  • Signal Range of Up to 800m or 1/2 miles

  • Remote Controlled Collar Night Lights

  • Lost Transmitter Beeper

  • Convenient Computer Interface

  • Quick Charge (2 Hrs) Lithium-Polymer Batteries

What Comes In The Educator Remote Dog Training Kit?

  • Easy Educator Receiver Collar

  • Easy Educator Remote Transmitter

  • 2 Sets of Contact Posts

  • Test Light Tool

  • Contact Point Tool

  • Battery Charger

  • Lanyard

  • Owner’s Manual

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty For Both Remote Transmitter And Receiver Collar

The Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Dog Training Collar is covered from any defects with 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Designed For Tiny Extra Large Dogs

The EZ-900 is designed for small to large dog weighing at least 2.3kg.

COS (Control Of Stimulation) Technology – 100 Static Stimulation Levels

With Control of Stimulation Technology, find a level that would get a proper response and static stimulation in training your dog with its 100 levels of static stimulation.

5 Stimulation, 7 Vibration And 4 Audible Tone Modes

The Static Stimulation has 5 different modes: Momentary or Snick, Momentary Boost, Continuous, Continuous Boost and the Patented Instant Stimulation Mode.

You have 7 vibrations to use for a lighter correction, these are High, medium and low constant vibration, High, medium and low tapping sensation (1 second on, 1 second off), and Pavlovian Conditioning which is 2 seconds of constant medium vibration followed by continuous stimulation.

You have high, medium and low constant tone and Pavlovian Conditioning which is 2 seconds of constant medium tone followed by continuous stimulation the audible tone settings.

Lock And Set & Maximum Stimulation – Safety Features

The Lock and Set safety feature together with Maximum Stimulation feature protects your dog from accidental .

Waterproofing And Shock Protection For Heavy Use

The EZ-900 is built with shock protection for heavy use to withstand a shock of up to 5000 Gs and is completely waterproof and submersible to water - ideal for water-loving dogs.

Mid-Range Remote Trainer – Up To 800m Away

It is best for domestic and working training outdoors up to 800m away.

Tracking Lights Controlled By Remote Transmitter

You can easily train and locate your dog in the dark with Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Trainer. It’s tracking lights on the receiver collar which allows you to continuously light up the collar or flash to locate your dog at night.

Lost Transmitter Audible Tone Beeper

An audible beeper can be activated if you lost your handheld transmitter somewhere in the house and help you locate it.

Computer Interface Tool – Convenient Adjustments

It allows users to download and install an interface tool to let you change the tone, vibration, and instant modes easily and conveniently on your computer.

Rechargeable Li-Poly Batteries – 2 Quick Charge Feature

The Educator EZ-900 has a 2-hour quick charge feature giving you more time to train.


Educator EZ900 Warranty The Educator Ez900 Remote Trainer by the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years!
Bark Collar For Training Dogs Specifications Model: BC-Collar Stimulation Mode/s: Static Activation Mode/s: Vibration Stimulation Levels: 6 Automatic Progressive Waterproof: Yes Dog Size: 3.6kgs and Up Battery: RFA-67 Dimension of Module: 5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 3cm (H) Strap Size: 15cm - 71cm Bark Collar Weight: 80 g SKU: REM-EDU-EZ900

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