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Dog Bark Training Collar

Dog Bark Training Collar

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Our Best Selling Lightweight Bark Collar for Training Dogs fits any size of the dog and uses automatic progressive levels to reduce your dogs barking.< 6 Automatic Progressive Levels | Rubber coated | Waterproof
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The best-selling bark control collar  the market today, which is made to be small, compact, lightweight to fit any size for your dog’s comfort.

With proper training, patience and consistency this bark collar can reduce or eliminate nuisance barking. The bark collar is coated with a protective soft rubber to prevent unwanted and accidental activation.

How Does The Bark Collar For Training Dogs Work?

When your dog barks, the bark collar detects the vibration coming from your dogs vocal cords and will then send out a correction. With its 6 Automatic progressive Levels it would be really easy to use, no more programming needed.

This collar also includes a training beep with each static stimulation and an automatic reset feature that sets the level back to when your dog bark for 30 seconds.

Bark Collar For Training Dog Features

  • 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Suitable for All Sizes of Dogs

  • 6 Automatic Progressive Levels

  • Waterproof and Submersible

  • Vibration Activated

  • Automatic Reset - Helps with Training

  • Training Beep - For Easier Training

  • Replaceable Battery - Last up to 6 Months

  • Adjustable Collar Strap

What’s In The Barking Dog Training Collar Box?

  • Bark Control Training Collar

  • 1 x Battery RFA - 67

  • Adjustable Collar Strap

  • Contact Points to suit your Dog

  • Owner’s Manual

  • Training Guide


Features Of The Bark Collar For Training Dogs... 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty The Bark Control Training Collar has a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers factory malfunction and defects. Completely Waterproof And Submersible The collar is fully waterproof and submersible to water, so you don't have to worry when your dogs accidentally jump in the pool and will not cost you another collar. Suitable For All Sizes Of Dogs The collar has an adjustable collar strap that all neck sizes. With static stimulation, it is friendly for all small dogs and can get firm or strict with more determined dogs. The collar can decrease or eliminate nuisance barking with proper training. 6 Automatic Progressive Levels - Can Bark On Emergencies The collar is equipped with 6 increasing levels of static stimulation, where it starts with the lowest level, that gradually increases if your dog continues to bark. It can easily train dogs if they were smaller and the highest level for more stubborn dogs. The collar will automatically reset back to the lowest level after 30 seconds of no barking. Vibration Activated - For Dog’s Bark Only Your dog’s bark will be the only one to trigger and activate the static stimulation. It detects your dog’s bark by using a vibration sensor, which it will activate the static stimulation automatically. Training Beep - For Easier Training With proper training and time, your dog will easily connect this beep to a static stimulation and the collar sound of an audible tone, with each static correction and results, will reduce and eliminate nuisance barking totally. Replaceable Battery - Last Up To 6 Months The replaceable battery that it’s included in the package can last up to 6 months of use, which allows you to consistently train your dog without stopping your training when it needs charging, You just simply give your dog a short break while changing the battery with the new ones, then strap the collar back on.
Bark Collar For Training Dogs Warranty This product is covered with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Bark Collar For Training Dogs Guarantee All products offered by The Perfect Paws have 30 Days Upgrade Guarantee for your satisfaction.
Bark Collar For Training Dogs Specifications Model: BC-Collar Stimulation Mode/s: Static Activation Mode/s: Vibration Stimulation Levels: 6 Automatic Progressive Waterproof: Yes Dog Size: 3.6kgs and Up Battery: RFA-67 Dimension of Module: 5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 3cm (H) Strap Size: 15cm - 71cm Bark Collar Weight: 80 g SKU: BC6-Collar

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