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Barkless Pro BP-504 With Bark Counter

Barkless Pro BP-504 With Bark Counter

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A bark control collar for teaching your dog to bark for the right reasons and eliminate nuisance barking. * Bark Counter * 3 Stimulation Modes * Advance Vibration Sensor Technology * Fast Charging
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Barkless Pro BP-504  

The new innovative product called Barkless Pro BP-504 Anti Bark Collar has come with a new design that wonder makes your training very informative with its Bark Counter to your dog. The unique feature of BP-504 is its Auto mode stimulation where it automatically increases the stimulation if your dog is continuously barking where it teaches your dog to bark for the right reasons and removes unnecessary barking.

Why Choose The BP-504 Bark Collar?

  • Bark Counter

  • 5 Seconds Delay Between Stimulation Activation

  • 3 Stimulation Modes ( Tone, Electronic, Auto Mode )

  • Sensor Sensitivity Adjustment

  • Advance Vibration Sensor Technology To Prevent False Activation

  • 2 Hours Quick Charge Feature

  • Sleep Mode For Battery Saving

  • Waterproof / Shockproof Unit

  • Low Nickel Short And Long Steel Contact Points

  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

What’s In The BP 504 Box?

  • Barkless Pro BP-504 Unit With Collar Strap

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Short And Long Stainless Steel Contact Points

  • Contact Point Removal Tool

  • Bark Sensor Post For Long Contact Points

  • Owner’s Manual

Up Close And Personal With The BARKLESS PRO BP-504…

Monitor Your Dog's Training Progress With The Bark Counter

The bark counter lets us monitor the progress of our dog’s training by displaying the number of times of the collar activation. This will tell us if there's a need to change the level of stimulation for an effective training. Just press the control button for 2 seconds to reset the bark counter.

5 Seconds Delay Between Stimulation Activation To Help Your Dog Settle Down

It delivers a stimulation every 5 seconds if your dog barks continuously to tell them that it is ok to bark but not too much.
To prevent any unwanted false activation from the collar is its separate contact point where it detects the vibration your dogs vocal chords because we want to be sure that our dog is not given a false correction from wrong reasons such as bumping the collar in the wall or just by playing.

Sensor Sensitivity Adjustment For A Customized Training For Your Dog

The BP-504 bark collar has a sensor sensitivity adjustment from Low, Medium, High sensitivity to be sure that your dog will learn quickly and accurately because Accurate training is also a key factor of achieving great results.

2 Hours Quick Charge Gives You More Time To Train Your Dog

The BP-504 has a quick charging feature for 2 hours and powered by a Lithium Polymer Batteries so that you can achieve an effective training.

Water Proof And Shock Resistant Helps You Train Your Dog In All Weather Conditions

The BP-504 is made for performance and durability for daily use and it is waterproof that helps you train your Dog in all weather conditions from outdoor activities that you don't have to worry that your dog will get any false correction or your collar will not function as the way it supposed to be.

Auto Mode For A Training Made Easier

The Auto mode will display on L9 in the collar's LCD display where it is the recommended mode for those dog owner who is not sure on what is their dogs working level.
If the collar is activated twice then the correction level will increase to one level. If your dogs stop barking for 10 seconds then it will go back to level 1 where it started. This will give your dog a chance to settle down and learn what is worth barking and eliminate nuisance barking.

Specs Model: BP-504 Correction Modes: Tone , Static , Auto Activation Mode: Adjustable Vibration Sensitivity Correction Levels: 8 Static - Auto - Tone Only Waterproof: Yes Dog Size: 2.2kg and Up Strap Size: Up to 76cm External Controls: Yes Battery: Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery Status Indicator: Yes Progressive Correction: Yes Collar Strap Material: Nylon SKU : 121

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