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Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence

Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence

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The Pet Barrier Ground Keeper Invisible Dog Fence is a reliable containment fence system for small to large dogs - keeping them safe inside the boundary through a harmless static
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The Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence kit is designed to contain small to large dogs. A high-quality dog fence that is effective and ideal for driveways, patios, garden beds and small properties.

The dog fence kit comes with a transmitter, boundary wire, and a receiver collar as its main components. The system works by emitting a radio signal from the fence transmitter through the boundary wire around your property - which the dog receiver collar detects.

The Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence Transmitter sends a harmless radio signal down to the boundary wire. It has a Coded Digital FM frequency that will not interfere with the radio signal your house - even dogs wearing the collar can walk past the TV set without fear of

The transmitter also has a Green Earthing wire that leads to the power plug and protects it from lightning or power surge damage.

The Pet Barrier dog fence kit includes a Standard Receiver Collar with an anti-linger feature - saving its battery life. To ensure its safety, the receiver collar is completely waterproof and uses a replaceable Lithium battery that can last up to 2 years.

Two receiver collars are available for different dog sizes and programmable levels. The Standard Collar, which is included in the kit has 5 programmable levels while the Premium Collar has 8 programmable levels and a lifetime warranty - needs to be purchased separately.

As your dog approaches the wire, the receiver collar will give a warning beep. If he continues beyond the boundary, it will give a mild yet startling static correction just enough to get your dog's attention and make him go back to the safe zone.

Both transmitter and receiver collar comes with a 3 year warranty. It also comes with a lightning and power surge warranty that can be replaced if damaged.

The dog fence kit includes a 100m boundary wire which is coated with HDPe and  that can endure the sun's heat for a very long time. For larger areas your property, you can expand it using additional boundary wires

An Easy Installation Guide and Step-by-Step Training Guide are included to aid you in installing the system and guide you in training your dog. You can contact us at 1 300 559 145 with our 7-day helpline to provide support when you need help.

Compatible With The Following Extra Receiver Collars:

Standard R12 (5 Levels - Large Dogs)

Standard R12 Mini (5 Levels - Small Dogs)

Premium R9 (8 Levels - Large Dogs)

Premium R7 Mini (5 Levels - Small Dogs)


Key Features:

  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for Both Transmitter and Receiver Collar

  • Surge and Lightning Damage Warranty - Replaced If Damaged

  • Best for Small to Large Dogs - Weighing 3.6kg and Up

  • 5 Programmable Levels for Easy Training

    • Standard Collar 5 Levels (Included) - R12 for Large Dogs or R12 Mini for Small Dogs

    • Premium Collar 8 Levels and Lifetime Warranty (Upgrade) - R9 for Large Dogs or R7 Mini for Small Dogs

  • Water Proof Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar for Added Safety

  • Anti-Linger - Saves Battery Life

  • FastReact® - 1/8th - ensuring that your dog won't escape

  • SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency – won't activate from other radio signals

  • -Aerial System - for better reception

  • Safety Shutdown - for Added Safety

  • Pet Barrier Receiver Collar Uses Replaceable Lithium Battery (included)

  • Supports Multiple Receiver Collars for Owners with More Than One Dog

What Comes In The Pet Barrier Dog Fence Kit?

  • Pet Barrier FM Dog Fence Transmitter

  • R12 Receiver Collar (5 Levels) - Choose between Standard or Mini depending on your dog’s size

  • Surge Protected Power Plug

  • 100m of HDPe Dog Fence Wire

  • Dog Training Flags

  • Owner’s Manual

  • Installation Guide

  • Step by Step Training Guide 


3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Includes Dog Chew

The Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Invisible Dog Fence (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) by the manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years! It also has a Surge and Lightning Damage warranty that replaces it if damaged.

Best For Small To Large Dogs - Weighing 3.6kg And Up

The kit is designed to contain small to large dogs - completely humane and safe.

5 Programmable Levels For Easy Training

Depending on your dog's size, you can choose between the standard collars with 5 levels of correction or premium collars with 8 levels of correction. The collars come with an audible tone only setting - for easy training. The receiver collar helps to contain your dog by delivering a warning beep when he approaches the boundary. If he goes further beyond the boundary, the receiver collar gives a safe static stimulation - encouraging him to go back to the safe zone.

Waterproof Design – For Added Safety

The Pet Barrier collar was made waterproof and submersible to prevent internal damage caused by into the circuitry.

Anti-Linger - Saving Battery Life

It features an anti-linger that shuts off the collar if your dog sits down on the warning zone area while listening to the warning tone - great for saving your battery's life.

Fast React

With its 1/8th of reaction time, it will give the static correction to your dog before he can cross the boundary line.

Coded Digital FM Frequency - Blocking Other Radio Signal

With its advanced technology, it features Coded Digital FM Frequency that ignores other radio signals and prevents the receiver collar from activating and correcting your dog unintentionally.

-Aerial System - Better Reception

This feature improves the signal reception and ensures that it is detecting the radio signal coming from the dog fence transmitter.

Safety Shutdown - Protecting Dog From Over-Corrections

The safety shutdown feature stops correcting your dog after 15 seconds if correction zone - giving them enough time to understand that they need to move away from the boundary line. If the dog stays in the correction zone, the collar will give a low level of correction every 15 seconds to remind them that they need to move back.

Replaceable Lithium Battery

The kit includes a replaceable lithium battery that lasts up to 2 years. The life of the battery will vary depending on how often it is used.

Supports Multiple Receiver Collars

If you have more than one dog, simply add extra receiver collars for each of them and that's how easy you can contain them. Correction levels can be set to different levels for each dog - easier for you to train them.


Pet Barrier Ground Keeper Invisible Dog Fence Warranty Pet Barrier Ground Keeper Invisible Dog Fence (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) by the manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years! It comes with Lightning and Power Surge Warranty - Replace Once Damaged.
SKU: DFPB-GroundsKeeper

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